Coming Soon

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.

– Chinese Proverb

Last month we finally decided to have our office improved (Yay!). We are doing a complete overhaul by replacing existing fixtures with custom designed desks and cabinets for a more “conducive” working environment. Construction and installation of said fixtures are being done right now.

Though Wagon Office Renovation 01

It’s still a bit messy outside.

We had a hard time finding the desks and cabinets that would fit in our office. Thanks to SketchUp, we were able to design our own desks and cabinets.

Though Wagon Office Renovation 01B

We should really download the new version.

With the help of expert carpenter and construction guy, Boyet Banares, we will be able to have the desks and cabinets of our dreams crammed into the tiny space we call our office.

Though Wagon Office Renovation 02

Drill that door beybe.

Although our office is yet to have a pizza place or a hipster café for neighbors, we already have a garden right outside our door with fresh oregano and stuff.

Though Wagon Office Renovation 03

Now, we’re still waiting for everything to be completed. Since the arrival of our new desks and cabinets from Guimba, Boyet and his men are still hard at work getting everything installed.

Though Wagon Office Renovation 04

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