LF: Awesome Creative Interns

We’re on the hunt for AWESOME CREATIVE INTERNS to…

  • Research and report the current and upcoming trends (Styles, Fonts, Colors, etc.) in the Graphic Design Industry and other related industries
  • Contribute ideas and design actual artwork studies for different print and digital materials needed for actual projects
  • Revise artworks based on the comments and instructions of the clients
  • Provide administrative support to the Creative Director as needed

To be an AWESOME CREATIVE INTERN, you must be..

  • Proficient in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP
    • Should be able to create clean and appropriate designs for different materials
    • Can do basic revisions to artworks
  • Creative with an excellent attention to detail
  • Can effectively work independently or in a small group
  • Energetic and eager to learn
  • Enthusiastic to share ideas
  • Must be open to comments and criticism
  • Willing to work in Quezon City

What you will gain as an AWESOME CREATIVE INTERN..

  • Significant exposure to the different steps involved in the Creative Project Workflow
  • Countless opportunities to build and improve skills in conceptualizing, designing and revising artworks using Adobe Photoshop
  • Valuable experience in dealing with different individuals from different industries


If you think you’re one of the AWESOME CREATIVE INTERNS that we are looking for, please send your resume along with your portfolio to thoughtwagonmarketing@gmail.com. Internship period is any time during April to August 2015.

We’re very excited! Hope you are too, AWESOME CREATIVE INTERN!

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