Our New HQ

Thought Wagon Office

Finally, after 3 weeks of construction and carpentry, our office is now finished. Although it’s not yet entirely complete since we still keep adding more stuff each week, it’s already a fully functional and very productive workspace!

Since red and white are the colors that make up our company, we decided to have our walls, shelves, desks and chairs in these colors, ultimately creating the work environment that we desired.

So what’s so important about these colors, you ask?

Thought Wagon Shelf

White represents the white space that we find our creative minds moving in everyday. It’s vast and unlimited. It’s a huge space that we fill up with ideas. It could be a blank canvass, a sheet of paper, or even a whiteboard. And it’s up to us to fill this space with colors, scribbles and writings.

IMG_3869 copy

Red represents our ideas that fill up this white space. We are free to fill up this space with anything we could think of, but ultimately, we give value to ideas that are bold, unique and striking.

IMG_3884 copy copy

Even if there are key visuals that we are required to follow and brand identities to retain, we’ll find ways to work around them just to make sure that each artwork is beautifully different thus easily noticed, while keeping the very soul of the brand intact.

Thought Wagon Desk

Red also represents our passion for what we do. It’s definitely not an easy job, but hey, we love it. At the end of each day, even on the most stressful ones, we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing any other job.

Thought Wagon Red Cup

So here we are now in our brand new office, happy to finally have a workspace that reminds us why we do what we do. Now, we finally have an office that represents our ideals and our vision, an office where we can work freely and inspired.

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