A Purr-fect Afternoon

Last Tuesday was the last day of one of our interns, Krizelle. (Huhuhu those 200 hours went by too fast!) To make sure her last day with us was purr-fect, we decided to spend the afternoon in Cat Cafe Manila 😀

Cat Cafe Mnl

You see, our Accounts Executive and Krizelle have gotten addicted to this Japanese mobile game called Neko Atsume where cats visit your backyard. Being in a Cat Cafe was like being inside the game! Be prepared for a lot of photos! :3


Most cats were asleep when we arrived. But for those who were up, they were really friendly, sweet and playful! What’s truly amazing is the fact that they’re rescued cats and are open for adoption.

K and K

Lots of sleepy cats lying around :3


Here’s Tommy, the most playful of them all!


And sweet Peggy sleeping on our Creative Director’s lap. She definitely stole his heart! ❤

Peggy and Carlos

Here’s our Interns enjoying the food and drinks in the Cafe 🙂


GROUP SHOT! All of us having a really great time! 🙂

Group Shot

It was really an afternoon well-spent 🙂

Thank you Krizelle for all the help, artsy tips and a whole lot more! We’re really happy that you became a part of our team! We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed your time with us. We’re sure that after you graduate, you’ll be going places 😀

Krizelle and Tommy

See you around! 🙂

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