K-Zone Life Hacks Book

KZone Life Hacks 01

After much work and a gazillion cups of coffee, the K-Zone Life Hacks Book is finally out!

Jake: “Yeahhhhh boiiiiii!”

KZone Life Hacks 02

Ever since K-Zone Philippines started featuring these modern and clever tips on how to hack through life like a boss, kids would always look forward to getting their monthly dose of these so-called Life Hacks. These hacks are always clever, sometimes revolutionary, and no doubt a whole lot of fun! And the best part about it is that they got our senpai creative ninja, Carlos, to do all the illustrations for the Special Edition Life Hacks Book!

KZone Life Hacks 02B

Working with the awesome Ramona, K-Zone’s Art Director, Carlos created six awesome new characters to join the ever-growing Life Hacks Universe. Among these new characters are a renegade samurai eye-patch chick, a fairly square Mine Craft dude, and a deliciously cute burger who’s simply too cute to eat (but he’s delicious, so you’ll eat him anyway.)

KZone Life Hacks 03

The Life Hacks book is jam-packed with incredibly valuable information like how to survive school. Want to impress your school crush (who kinda sorta looks like Princess Bubblegum)? Then this book is for you, bro!

KZone Life Hacks 03B

You’ll also find awesome cheats on how to do chores more efficiently, how to go camping, and how to beef up your photography gear in this book of wonders. Of course, no Life Hacks would ever be complete without a lot of epic stuff too like how to be a Jedi, how to be a Pro Wrestler, and how to be a Superhero.

KZone Life Hacks 04

We particularly enjoyed the Ninja Life Hacks as it teaches one to be a senpai at ninja-ing. It’s complete with useful ninja moves with matching Japanese-sounding names that maybe, just maybe, were nicely made-up.

KZone Life Hacks 05

Just in case the book is too awesome (and too big) to bring with you everywhere, K-Zone has included a set of pocket hacks with each copy. Caught in a sitch? No problemo! Just keep them in your wallet and hack it up anywhere, anytime!

GRAB A COPY TODAY! It’s available in bookstores, select supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Stocks are limited so better buy it when you see it. It took us 2 months from the release date to hold an actual copy with our own hands. And when we did, it was pure awesomeness.

Special thanks to the K-Zone Team who worked really, really, really hard (we can’t stress it enough) just to juice out these super useful and fun tips for kids to use and enjoy! It was really one of the most awesome projects we’ve worked on so far.

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